Cool new Sneakers!

My mom is awesome. She knows how badly my back has been hurting. I had told her that I had also been researching the Sketcher’s Shape Ups. They are supposed to help tone your legs and butt, but they are also supposed to be good for posture and back aches.

She stops in yesterday- and guess what she has with her? A pair of Shape Ups for me. So far, they feel good.  They feel kind of soft inside and my flat feet are not  hurting either. I am not sure if I’ll ever see any toning of my legs or butt, but if my back doesn’t hurt as bad,who cares? 🙂


2 responses to “Cool new Sneakers!

  1. Yay for MOMS!!! That was an awesome gift!!

  2. Mums are definitely the best!!! Got any photos of the sneakers you can share???? Hugs, sue.falstaff

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