Textures in Photo Editor 2008

Last week I posted some ideas  on how to change the effects on photos using Photo Editor, since you can’t run actions in it:  Photo Editor and Some Cool Photo Effects. I was participating in a challenge at Oscraps about using actions. One of my online friends posted a photo and layout she did using Photo Editor. Instead of using actions, or adjustments, she used photo textures and blending modes to achieve her look.

Here is her original photo:

And here is her  blended photo:

She used PHOTOLOGY 2.0 by Emily Powers for her textures. I am going to use that kit too, which is available at Oscraps.

I love the way this came out, so I am going to try to recreate it -or something like it- here.

Here is my original photo:

Open your  photo in PE. Then, drag the JPG  file “sleet” into PE. Drag that file on top of you photo. Depending on the dimensions  of your photo and the texture file, you might need to resize the top layer. With the to player covering the photo completely, you can now play with the Transfer (Blend) Modes and Opacity to get different effects.

In this example, I used the Transfer Mode “Overlay” at 100% opacity.

I love the way the overlay brings color to parts of the photo, making the snow seem so dramatic against the flag.

I love the way that Laurie’s photo has the dark “burned” border. I am going to add another layer on top. I am going to use “Blueprint” from the same kit.  Drag that on top of the image.  Resize the file as needed. Then again- play with the Transfer Modes. Here I chose ” Burn” at 90% opacity.

These texture/color files and some different Transfer Modes take a decent picture and turn it into something dramatic and eye-catching.

One response to “Textures in Photo Editor 2008

  1. thank you so much for the mention! this is a wonderful tutorial :).

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