Make an avatar in Photo Manager

I love being able to change my forum avatars often. But I am also pretty darn lazy,  so if I don’t have a photo that is the right size, I can’t be bothered to change it. There are forums out there on the web where my photo or avatar is from  7-8 years ago….. sad, eh?

So here is a quick way to get your photo Avatar-Upload-Ready.

Open ACDSee Photo Manager and double click on the file you want to use. Click Edit so you can use the Photo Manager Editor. Select the crop tool, and crop the photo if it needs to be crossed. The photo I  have has my husband giving me “bunny ears” so he has to go. (Sorry Hon!)

Don’t worry about the size yet,  just get the part of the photo you want to use. Click “Done.”

Now you can “dress it up” if you. I am going to add a border to this. Photo Manager has a a huge amount of textures and frame edges to choose from if you want something funky. Or you can go with a simple white border if that is more your style. But really, you should play around with colors and textures. You can also resize the frames  to show more or less of your photo. You can see in this image where you can adjust size, color, edges, drop shadows and so on.

When you are finished having fun with the borders, you can add text if you like. I am going to add my name to the bottom. Select Add Text. Type the text you want into the text box.

Next you can change the f0nt, style, color, drop shadows, bevels- try it all out, make it personal!

Now it is time to resize your image. Most forums have a size requirement such as this:

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 150 by 150 pixels or 250.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

Click on Resize. Select the Radio Button for Pixel Size and make sure Preserve Ratio Aspect (constrain size) is also selected. Simply type in the pixel size, 150 in this case, into whichever side is larger. For this example, it will be “height.” The width of your file automatically scales itself down.

Save your file and then upload it to wherever you want. I use Flickr right through the ACDSee interface.:)

And here is the finished product:


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