Twitter?? Really? I caved……

I am going to blame it all on Oscraps. Yup- that is my defense.  Job/Cheery-O related. They’d kick me off the team if I didn’t get an account at Twitter.  Seriously!! They would!! (You don’t believe me on that do you? Ok…. you would be right.)

For the last year, I have said, very adamantly no less, that I would not succumb to Twittering. I joked about how some people couldn’t do anything without “tweeting” it. I’d roll my eyes, and get all snarky.

Then Liz at Oscraps suggested that the designers and Cheery-Os (the Oscraps creative team) could help promote the O through Facebook and Twitter. Facebook- not a problem, I already have an account there. I already blog (obviously) … so its not like I am scared of social media. But Twitter?? Just the name sounds ridiculous to me.

But I caved. I now have a Twitter account, and have already made 3 tweets. (oh, help me…) . If you care to follow me, you can :

I can’t promise I will tweet (*groans*)  anything interesting. I can promise you that I will not be tweeting any photos of me in bikinis. 😀

Hope to see you in my feed……


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