Thank Goodness for ACDSee Photo Manager!

I would be swamped by now, if it were for Photo Manager. Today was Caitlyn’s 6th Grade Award ceremony. I brought my Canon DSLR with the “big” zoom and snapped off 113 photos.  Yeah, 113 of 10.1 megapixel files. How many gig is that? The card is 4 gig, and I still had room left, but it took forever to download them off of it. The easy part for me was being able to sort through the photos, tag the keepers and then edit the ones I wanted to share on Flickr.

I went right into  View Mode and using my Page Down key, I quickly ran through all of them and deleted the ones that were outright bad pictures. Anything blurry or missing heads were instantly sent to the Recycle Bin. That reduced the amount of photos I needed to look at more closely to about 90. I know that I could have (should have!) deleted more than that, but I have a hard time getting rid of photos. Don’t you??

My next step was to go through a second time., this time looking for some really good shots, as well as photos of Caitlyn’s friends that I was planning on sharing with their parents. By using both hands, one on the Page Down key and the other on the backslash key (\) , I zipped through the photos and picked out about 20 that were pretty good. Next, I went back to Manage Mode, selected the Category “Tagged” in the Organize Pane and those 20 photos are now ready to be edited. Most of them are just going to be cropped and a few need a bit more editing, such as with White Balance. I was using a fast ISO and a zoom lens, so there is a lot of noise on some of them.  In those, I am using the Noise Reduction, “hybrid setting”, which reduces digital camera noise.

Approximately 20 minutes later, I have 20  photos cropped and edited and now I am ready to upload them to Flickr which I can do right within the Photo Manager Program. How easy is that!?


One response to “Thank Goodness for ACDSee Photo Manager!

  1. Wonderful info on ACDSee which I’m still learning – thanks for the tips.

    also went on to read about Lyme Disease – very interesting – you and your family are in my prayers. I, too, suffer from chronic pain and illness.

    I’m going to make a point of following your blog!


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