I found my Word!

It’s a good one. Joy. Actually, how about this.. Joy! I had thought about several words, but my friend, Merkee, wrote this:

Joy rarely just happens and is a choice we make. You can perceive joy in anything, even our trials. The socks you mention in gratitude for example, yes it’s a mundane chore for a simple thing but you can choose to be joyful that they are soft or that they make your feet feel so good and keep your toesies warm or that you had fun the day you went shopping for them.

I do not like doing laundry but I love the feel of warm clothes out of the dryer. Sometimes I will just drape a towel over my shoulders and savor the warmth it brings. This is a small joy. There could be lots and lots more reasons for something so simple to be a joy and bring a smile. It can be a very short lived joy but look for the little joys in your day to day.

Is that not completely wise? Yet so simple! I am focusing on how to create Joy! int he simple things. This morning, I had to make coffee. One of my peeves is that no one ever (ok- 99.9% of the time) sets up the coffee pot. So most mornings, if I forget to do it the night before, I grumble my way through setting it to brew. This morning, I breathed in the coffee as I set it up- what a great smell! That little bit changed my attitude so much, it was like— ahhhhhhhhh, coffeeeeee!! instead of @*&%*$ No one made the coffee for me

I hope that i can continue to see the joy in everything throughout this year. I hope that all of you can too.


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