Joy! is to be Spread

One of the nicer things I have seen recently is that this whole deal with focusing on Joy is making me want to spread some joy too. It’s not all about me, really!  Today I was supposed to meet up with mom. All she asked for on her birthday was for me to teach her how to use her digital camera and her new GSP system. Weather forecast called for snow, so we decided yesterday that we would reschedule for some day next week. I felt bad that I wouldn’t get to see her since we both were looking forward to the day.

After work yesterday, I started to realize that I was only 20 minutes from her house. I could drive from work, to see her, hang out for a quick cup of coffee , then head home. yeah, I was pretty tired and cold and wanted to get home, but I knew that surprising my mom would make her happy.

That short visit with my mom and dad, made her very happy. I was able to see her for a bit and let her know that she means a lot to me. She and my dad had to bicker a bit and that makes me laugh, especially when I have to chime in on the madness. 😉

Yes, joy is found within, but it also can be spread to those people around you.


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