Joy in the Little Things

I realized this morning that I hadn’t posted in a while about any Joy! This past week felt kind of tough. The shooting in Tucson had me upset. I am an admitted “politics junkie” and this was not a happy political week. Lately, no week is a happy one, or a positive one, but as far as weeks go on the “kindness” scale… yeah, I don’t know why I even bothered writing that….

But this post isn’t about politics, but Joy! I looking back on the past few days, I have felt Joy in the little things. Here is a quick list of some moments that stand out:

  • seeing a sunrise
  • a hot shower after shoveling snow
  • making my kids cinnamon rolls and being appreciated for that
  • enjoying some yummy rosemary bread with my mother-in-law
  • getting unsolicited hugs from both of my kids
  • being with my mom
  • cuddling with my dogs
  • talking with friends

Nope, nothing truly earth shattering but the joy is in each of those moments. Sometimes it just has to be teased out  a bit to be felt.



One response to “Joy in the Little Things

  1. Have a joyful weekend Chris!

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