Converse made Cool using Photo Director by Director Zone

My daughter, Caitlyn, is 13. It feels like she has been 13 for a long, long time, even though her birthday was only two weeks ago. Caitlyn has a very unique sense of style, but it is one that fits her very well. From her purple and blond hair to her knee-high black Converse sneakers, she definitely stands out in a crowd. You can imagine how difficult it can be for me, her mom, to shop for her for her birthday.

I started to think about things that she loves, and two things came to mind: her Converse sneakers and photography. I started to check out her photo galleries and found two really cool shots of her sneakers. Ok, I now had an idea; process her own photos to make them edgy and artsy and frame them.

Here are her photos, SOOC:

I imported them into Photo Director by Director Zone. I  was very fortunate to be able to beta test this software several months ago. I used to process my photos either manually or with pre-made actions in Photoshop. Since I started using Photo Director, almost all of my photos are processed with that. One of the things that I like most about using Photo Director is that I can start out using a preset style and then fine tune it manually.

After I imported the photos into the software, I got to play! I tried several of the Presets that come loaded with the software. I was able to check out and download presets made by other users on the Photo Director Website. I kept trying them out on my photos and because this is a non-destructive software, I knew my original photos were safe. Finally I decided on using a B-W preset with High Contrast. I was looking for dramatic and edgy and that is what I got! Here are the photos after the preset was applied:


And this is her gift:

I love how they came out and especially how easy it was to do it. Cait loved them too. (At least, I think that is what the teen-smile/shrug meant!)

Next project up: I filled a photo frame of old family photos for my mother and father in-law, using Photo Director as well. 🙂


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