31 Days to a Better Photo: Day 5 and 6

I am getting this! I really am. Darcy over at http://my3boybarians.com/ is amazing at explaining all of these technical terms.   I don’t have anything really that makes a good subject in the house to show off my new depth of field skills, unfortunately. I tried to take some of my plants in my office, but there is not that much actual depth in this small room. I took 5 shots, ranging from f/4 to f/22.  Even though it was difficult to see much difference, I *know* that I was looking for, and where under better  circumstances and more room, I would have seen some bokeh happening.

One of the best ways that Darcy could have explained dept of field was to say that you have to “think in planes “  I always thought of DOF as being “behind” the in-focus subject, totally ignoring the planed in front. As I was taking this batch of photos, I was almost able to visualize  the different  planes that would be in front of and behind the plant I had picked as the focal point.

I never thought I would say learning about aperture could be exciting, but knowing that I am finally understanding how it works, is pretty darn amazing to me.


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