31 Days: Tackling Depth of Field Day 7

This is seriously the first time in my life I feel like I am getting Depth of Field.  Darcy’s diagrams made it so much easier to see more of how the camera sees and focuses. Its like a light bulb went off….

I don’t want to post her images on my own blog, but I am going to link you up to them on hers. Hopefully for anyone who is “aperture-challenged” like me, or rather how I was, will find the diagrams so helpful. Check them out here.

Aren’t they great? And don’t you love your ponytail? 😀  Darcy makes it seem so simple, and so obvious. How could I have had so much trouble wrapping my head around this? I know! It was because I hadn’t seen her blog before. Duh.

I took two series of photos using her specifications on using Aperture-Priority Mode. I am not going to post them here, because do you really want to see pictures of a bottle of hand lotion on my desk? Yeah, I didn’t think.  As I was shooting, little pieces of the photography puzzle were falling into place. I could see the numbers in the viewfinder moving. I could see when decreased the aperture, I could see (and feel!) the shutter times getting longer. One of the last shots I took was at f/20 and the shutter speed was 1.6 seconds. Camera shake on that one, for sure.

After I imported  the photos into Photo Manager, I scrolled through them, paying attention to the f/stop value and the amount of blur surrounding that incredibly stunning bottle of hand lotion. Because the room I was in is small, I don’t think that I had enough distance between me, the hand lotion and the wall behind it. But if I looked carefully I could see that the chimes hanging in the window were quite blurred in the beginning and were quite focused as the shots progressed.

The weather is starting to get nicer, so maybe soon I can get some better DOF shots outside.


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