31 Days to a Better Photo: Days 8-9

Guesswhat, guess what, guesswhat!!?? I am getting this! I really am. I went for a walk along the trail in my neighbor’s back yard, shot 144 photos. And I nailed DOF!!! Check out my Flickr Stream Photography Experiments to see some opf the one’s that I uploaded.

But for a DOF example, how is this?

And this one:

I used only manual Mode for all of the photos. I was able to set the aperture based on whether I was looking for full view/landscape style, or one with more DOF. I payed close attention to the shutter speeds. I even played around with some of the wind chimes and a slower shutter speed to get some movement in them as they were blowing in the breeze.

I have to say that 31 Day Series has been so helpful. I am even re-reading the book Darcy recommends, Bryan Peterson’s book Understanding Exposure.  I had gotten this a long time ago, and until now, it never really stuck in my head.Thanks Darcy!




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