Review of Science Diet Ideal Balance

My dog is kind of silly. She isn’t really crazy about eating. Not wet food, not dry food. She will come for cookies, but she has to be in the mood to actually enjoy eating. When I first got the bag of Science Diet Grain Free, I held out a handful of the kibble to her. She came over, sniffed a few times. I expected her to walk away, but she didn’t. She ate it all up from my hand.
That night, I added some to her regular dry food and topped it off with a spoonful of her wet food. She ate as she typically does: “Meh. It’s there, I ate. Happy Mom?” I continued to do this over the next few nights, giving her more of the Science Diet and less of her regular brand. Soon, I noticed that she was eating the Science diet kibble and leaving the old stuff behind. The night’s that I gave her only the Science Diet, she’d lick the bowl clean.

I honestly didn’t notice any change in her skin/coat/digestion. She looks the same to me. But for a picky eater dog, she enjoyed very much, which, yes, makes Mom happy. 🙂

You can read more about Science Diet here.

Find out about BzzAgent here. I am a BzzAgent and I was able to try this product for free.


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