It’s so dusty in here!

Yikes! What the heck happened to this blog?  I am not sure if it looks shriveled up and dead, covered in mold, or hidden among dust mice. But here I am, and here it is- ready to get cleaned up, and perhaps even used again.

I know that I get lazy at times, and stop writing, but this is the worst I have been in a while. Maybe  now that the kids are back to school, and the September Birthday’s are over, I’ll have a bit of extra time to strat writing again. Just don’t let  me look at the calender and see how many more days until Christmas because then I might get all hyperventilate-ily and stop blogging again. Let me at least get a few new entries done first. 🙂

So off I go, looking for something to talk/write about!


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