Fun Stuff at Oscraps

How long ago did I say that I was going to try to blog a bit more often? Just a few days ago? Maybe last week? And already I have slipped off the wagon and down in the dirt. And its pretty wet and muddy out there with all of the rain we have gotten in those few days. I will try to do what I do best… I am gonna pick myself up and get back to writing again.

Now- if I were savvy and good at sticking with blogging habits, I could have written pages upon pages of stuff about the Romney/Lyme Disease ad that was being discussed last week. God knows I ranted enough about it to Gary. I still might have to go that, rant and all. How does that sound, stream of consciousness screaming about Lyme Conspiracies and ignorant people??
Not today?
Ok, today I will talk about something fun and positive. 🙂

Did you see the debate last night?

Yeah, not so fun or positive there either…..

Scrapbooking! Now that is a great thing to chat about. Have you checked out any of the Monthly Challenges at Oscraps? There have been some really amazing things going on. One of my favorite pages features my spooky Halloween Kitty.

Kit: Zen & the Art of: All Hallows Eve by Maya de Groot

I really like the artistic feel of this one too:

Template by EH Studios and Dumpty
Otono Oscraps Collab Kit

To make things even more fin over there, there is going to be a huge announcement tomorrow, and it rocks!

Any guesses on who these could be??? I’d love to hear them!


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