Dusting, no– Scraping– the dirt off of this Blog.

I guess it is about time. Its only been, oh way too many months to count since the last time I posted. In some ways a lot has changed, in others. Yeah. Not so much.

The family is still fighting the Lyme fight. Except when I posted last, I had one of the 4 of us doing ok. Since then, Caitlyn has had a total relapse.  Scott is holding his own, symptom-wise but his having  some issues with high HHV6 and Lyme titers, which means that his immune system is still struggling. I have been (finally) diagnosed with Babesia, so now I don’t feel so left out. The rest of the family has it and now I get to join the Babs-Club.  Like I wanted to be in that one as much as I want to be in the Lymie Club. *eye roll*

But, it is what it is and as I say, I am a Lyme Warrior, not by choice but because I have no choice . The kids and I are doing our Lyme Warrior Bit on May 10th as part of the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest.

I am looking forward to getting out there and helping the Lyme Community to be seen and heard. (Ya got that CDC????? IDSA??????)

Aside from Lyme being the core of my life, I am still a scrapping-fiend. It is my SANITY!!!! Oscraps has been my life-line and Therapy Session for a long long time. And I added in a new site to hang out at– MScraps. Both sites have some awesome  sales coming up for iNSD this weekend. Mscraps is also having a Blog Hop that is seriously huge and one of the stops is here!. (its is also a big reason I wanted to get this blog cleaned up a bit. Have to get ready for company!)

Life is hectic in May for me so I can’t promise that this blog is going to published as much as I would like, but this is a start. If I do nothing else, I would like to update the Lyme Journey as I have gotten a lot of comments to do so.

Hope that all of you are great and thanks for ignoring the dust-mice! xoxo


One response to “Dusting, no– Scraping– the dirt off of this Blog.

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