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ACDSee Organization Challenge V 20

So. Many (many, many) years ago, I was a new scrapper and a new ACDses Photo Manager user. After a computer crash in November 2046, I realized that my old (very, very old)  version of Photo Manager wasn’t really working out anymore.I upgraded from Version 12 (ouch) to V 20. A good scrap friend of mine also recently upgraded to V. 20 and was asking me some questions about how I tagged things. I really had to dig in my head to find answers on how to start out again, and didn’t have much luck. ButI I did remember that I had a weekly Organizational Challenge so I dug around my computer to find the files. Much easier than searching my brain, and thankfully, I had it all on my Google Drive.

I am going to post these challenges again, with the updates for the newest version.

Organizational Challenge: Week One

Before I start, I want to make a disclaimer that what I am describing here is only my way of doing things. There may be other and/or easier ways to do this. If you know of such a way, by all means, share it with us! The other point I cannot stress enough is back up your database often. I tend to back my database up every time I spend more than just a few minutes of tagging. So feel free to explore with this program, but make sure you backup, just in case things get funky on you.

What I want to do first is to make sure my database is backed up and optimized.Click on Tools.> Back Up Database. If this is your first time backing up your Database you will need to create a new backup. If not, select Update an Existing Back Up. I usually keep about 5-6 of my most recent backups, just in case one of them gets corrupted.

TIP: Either take a look at the location of the backup, take a screen shot, or write down the location. We’ll need this information in a later post.

After you are backed up, we are going to optimize your database. This will help Photo Manager run more smoothly and quickly.To optimize your Database: Tools>Database> Optimize Darabase

Once we have this completed, we need to think about how we organize. We need to come up with a consistent way to to do this. Consistency is the key to organization, in real life, parenting, housekeeping and yes, in digi-scrapping. I find it hard to stay consistent on occasion but I really notice a huge difference when I stay focused and keep a good routine.

The first part of this is to start with your Categories.  First, any categories you start with can be edited, deleted, combined, or new ones can be added. The amazing thing with ACDSee  is that you can really customize it to make it work best for you. I would bet that out of 100 ACDSee users, no two set-ups would be exactly alike. And that brings me to my second point; Feel free to make this program “yours.” Perhaps you know you’ll never use plaid paper (too many years in Catholic school perhaps *wink* ). Then there is no need to have a category or subcategory for Plaid Paper. On the other hand, perhaps you are a Doodle-A-Holic. You have doodle hearts, doodle borders, doodle swirls, fancy doodles, kid doodles– you get the picture. (I see some of you smiling – you can relate, right!?) . In that case you might like to break doodles down into subcategories.

TIP: In my experience, it is better to start with the basic categories at the start and create subcategories later on, as you see the need for them. I find that too many options, starting out, can get overwhelming.

The last thing I want to cover before we get busy tagging is to come up with a consistent routine (There that word again! LOL) for downloading, unzipping, tagging and moving new files. We all know it, we love to get new digital goodies and in our excitement to see what we got, we have zip files scattered all over our hard drive(s). ACDSee is wonderful because you can Extract right in the program. In V. 20, you can Right Click on a zip file and then Extract to Folder (Alt-A), choose your Destination, and it will unzip right there.You can select multiple zip folders to open at once which is a neat time saver.

TIP: I recommend only unzipping a few folders at a time. Every once in a while, a designer doesn’t pack the individual files into a “inner” folder and if you have too many loose files, it can get crazy trying to round them all up. Think of a 3 year old birthday party, after the cake….

Back to the routine of this- yes, it makes tagging so much easier if you know where all of your files are. What I have done is set up a folder _To Be Tagged. The underscore puts the folder near the top of my “tree.” When I download a file, I put it in this folder *every time.* And that zip will stay there until I can get around to unzipping it. When I am ready to unzip and tag, I select the zip file (Ctrl-Click to select multiple files), then click on Extract to Folder.

Make sure that your _To Be Tagged Folder is selected. Click OK.

After my files are extracted, I move my Zip file into a sub folder, called appropriately “Zips.” (I am so creative!) I like to hang onto my zips for a while, to make sure there were no corrupted files or I don’t accidentally delete something. Then I have unzipped files in its own folder, all ready to be tagged.

TIP: This is important! Once you tag your files, you should only move them within Photo Manager. If you move files outside of Photo Manager, you will lose the information tagged to that file.

OK- we could go on and on about how to best tag and organize your files, but if I tell you all that now, you won’t come back and read this next week

Week One Tasks:

  1. Back Up and Optimize Database.
  2. Decide what procedure you want to use for unzipping and tagging your digital files. Set that up.
  3. Spend 15 minutes a day unzipping and tagging files.







Inspired by Type Challenge – January 2016 at Oscraps

siblings 2015

After reading Rita’s tutorial on her blog,  I knew that I had to give this challenge a try. I started out with a Template for the placement of my photo and elements. The template had circles as the clipping masks for the photos, but I deleted them and used a square photo and frame.

To work on the word art, I used the Font “Autumn Chant” for the title, which had some nice swirling on the capital letters. I took one of the Ligatures and placed it over the swirl on the bottom the “S,” lining them up as closely as possible. I took a small hard brush (3px) and brushed  pixels in the gaps between the text and the ligature. I then rasterized the type and merged the layers. I erased any extra pixels from the ligature.
For the swirl on the bottom of the paper, I used the same grey paper as my background and clipped it to it.

Everything by Blue Flower Art

Kit: Letters From Far Away
Doodles: Ligatures
Template: Circle of Friends

The Mscraps iNSD 2013 Blog / Facebook Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Mscraps iDSD Birthday Blog/Facebook Hop!

Hey Everyone!!

You must know by now that we LOVE blogtrains, so ….. here’s another one!!!

It’s the official Mscraps iNSD 2013 Blog / Facebook Hop (Train) !!!
For this train, our CT & Designers have decided to work with the same colorscheme so that at the end of this hop (train ride), you will have collected a beautiful coordinated {huge!!} full kit!

But before I go any further, check out what we’ve got in store for you this weekend!!

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Please take a peek at the HUGE kit that you will be able to collect by hopping on this train:
(not all papers & elements shown!! templates and quickpages not shown!!)


THANK YOU, SABRINA for making this gorgeous previews!!!!!

I hope you enjoy all of the fabulous gifts that the MScraps Creative Team & Designers have prepared just for you.
You should have come here from Erica Zwart Designz –
If you’ve become lost or missed a stop along the way, you can visit the Mscraps Forum to get the full blog train list:

Here’s my freebie:

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

HAVE FUN, everyone!!!

Happy iNSD (weekend!)

Watch this blog for some info on some of the sales at Oscraps and Mscraps. The Mscraps Blog Train will be rolling along later on today!


Digital Scrapbooking Day is Here!

Digital Scrapbooking Day is Here!.
Attention DigiScrappers! Oscraps is having some fab sales, giveaways, a scavenger hunt and challenges. Make sure that you stop in!

Halloween: A variety of years and a variety of Collabs!

I just posted three Halloween pages in my Oscraps Gallery from the years 2002, 2004, and 2009. I also used two different Oscraps Halloween Collab Kits. I love the different looks that each on has, yet they all work with each other as well.

Here they are:




The Collabs that I used are:
A Hopping Halloween

‘lil monsters

Aren’t they fun kits?
Check them out as well as the other new Autumn and Halloween kits in the O-Shop

Fun Stuff at Oscraps

How long ago did I say that I was going to try to blog a bit more often? Just a few days ago? Maybe last week? And already I have slipped off the wagon and down in the dirt. And its pretty wet and muddy out there with all of the rain we have gotten in those few days. I will try to do what I do best… I am gonna pick myself up and get back to writing again.

Now- if I were savvy and good at sticking with blogging habits, I could have written pages upon pages of stuff about the Romney/Lyme Disease ad that was being discussed last week. God knows I ranted enough about it to Gary. I still might have to go that, rant and all. How does that sound, stream of consciousness screaming about Lyme Conspiracies and ignorant people??
Not today?
Ok, today I will talk about something fun and positive. 🙂

Did you see the debate last night?

Yeah, not so fun or positive there either…..

Scrapbooking! Now that is a great thing to chat about. Have you checked out any of the Monthly Challenges at Oscraps? There have been some really amazing things going on. One of my favorite pages features my spooky Halloween Kitty.

Kit: Zen & the Art of: All Hallows Eve by Maya de Groot

I really like the artistic feel of this one too:

Template by EH Studios and Dumpty
Otono Oscraps Collab Kit

To make things even more fin over there, there is going to be a huge announcement tomorrow, and it rocks!

Any guesses on who these could be??? I’d love to hear them!