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Welcome to my stop on the Mscraps iDSD Birthday Blog/Facebook Hop!

Hey Everyone!!

You must know by now that we LOVE blogtrains, so ….. here’s another one!!!

It’s the official Mscraps iNSD 2013 Blog / Facebook Hop (Train) !!!
For this train, our CT & Designers have decided to work with the same colorscheme so that at the end of this hop (train ride), you will have collected a beautiful coordinated {huge!!} full kit!

But before I go any further, check out what we’ve got in store for you this weekend!!

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Please take a peek at the HUGE kit that you will be able to collect by hopping on this train:
(not all papers & elements shown!! templates and quickpages not shown!!)


THANK YOU, SABRINA for making this gorgeous previews!!!!!

I hope you enjoy all of the fabulous gifts that the MScraps Creative Team & Designers have prepared just for you.
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Here’s my freebie:

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HAVE FUN, everyone!!!


Happy iNSD (weekend!)

Watch this blog for some info on some of the sales at Oscraps and Mscraps. The Mscraps Blog Train will be rolling along later on today!


Dusting, no– Scraping– the dirt off of this Blog.

I guess it is about time. Its only been, oh way too many months to count since the last time I posted. In some ways a lot has changed, in others. Yeah. Not so much.

The family is still fighting the Lyme fight. Except when I posted last, I had one of the 4 of us doing ok. Since then, Caitlyn has had a total relapse.  Scott is holding his own, symptom-wise but his having  some issues with high HHV6 and Lyme titers, which means that his immune system is still struggling. I have been (finally) diagnosed with Babesia, so now I don’t feel so left out. The rest of the family has it and now I get to join the Babs-Club.  Like I wanted to be in that one as much as I want to be in the Lymie Club. *eye roll*

But, it is what it is and as I say, I am a Lyme Warrior, not by choice but because I have no choice . The kids and I are doing our Lyme Warrior Bit on May 10th as part of the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest.

I am looking forward to getting out there and helping the Lyme Community to be seen and heard. (Ya got that CDC????? IDSA??????)

Aside from Lyme being the core of my life, I am still a scrapping-fiend. It is my SANITY!!!! Oscraps has been my life-line and Therapy Session for a long long time. And I added in a new site to hang out at– MScraps. Both sites have some awesome  sales coming up for iNSD this weekend. Mscraps is also having a Blog Hop that is seriously huge and one of the stops is here!. (its is also a big reason I wanted to get this blog cleaned up a bit. Have to get ready for company!)

Life is hectic in May for me so I can’t promise that this blog is going to published as much as I would like, but this is a start. If I do nothing else, I would like to update the Lyme Journey as I have gotten a lot of comments to do so.

Hope that all of you are great and thanks for ignoring the dust-mice! xoxo

Digital Scrapbooking Day is Here!

Digital Scrapbooking Day is Here!.
Attention DigiScrappers! Oscraps is having some fab sales, giveaways, a scavenger hunt and challenges. Make sure that you stop in!

Lyme= HOPE!!

None - This image is in the public domain and ...

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There really is hope for those of use with Chronic Lyme, As of right now, my family has a 75% success rate!!! Yesterday was my kids’ LLMD (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor) appointment. They have been seeing Dr. B for4 1/2 years now. But yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!   Both kids were diagnosed in 2008 with Late Stage (most likely congenital) Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia and Ehrlichia. Four and half years of meds, supplements, blood draws and doctors appointments with  2 hours of driving each way. The last time they saw Dr B was in June and they had reported little to no symptoms. We felt that the next step was to put them on a lose maintenance dose of minocycline and see  how  they did.  Now in October, they are symptom-free and feeling pretty darn good about it! They are have had their minocycline doses reduced even further and will be going back in another four months. If they stay symptom free, we get to say good bye to antibiotics!

I have to say, its kinda scary to think about them not being on any meds or treatment plans.In some ways the abx have felt like a safety net; if they got bit by a tick, they would have some protection. I guess I am going to be a bit neurotic about  tick checks again.

That makes 3 out of 4 family members who can say that they are feeling better then they have in a long time and that Lyme is NOT going to get the best of them. That gives me hope- hope that Gary will someday will join the ranks of us who have Hope after Lyme.

Halloween: A variety of years and a variety of Collabs!

I just posted three Halloween pages in my Oscraps Gallery from the years 2002, 2004, and 2009. I also used two different Oscraps Halloween Collab Kits. I love the different looks that each on has, yet they all work with each other as well.

Here they are:




The Collabs that I used are:
A Hopping Halloween

‘lil monsters

Aren’t they fun kits?
Check them out as well as the other new Autumn and Halloween kits in the O-Shop

Fun Stuff at Oscraps

How long ago did I say that I was going to try to blog a bit more often? Just a few days ago? Maybe last week? And already I have slipped off the wagon and down in the dirt. And its pretty wet and muddy out there with all of the rain we have gotten in those few days. I will try to do what I do best… I am gonna pick myself up and get back to writing again.

Now- if I were savvy and good at sticking with blogging habits, I could have written pages upon pages of stuff about the Romney/Lyme Disease ad that was being discussed last week. God knows I ranted enough about it to Gary. I still might have to go that, rant and all. How does that sound, stream of consciousness screaming about Lyme Conspiracies and ignorant people??
Not today?
Ok, today I will talk about something fun and positive. 🙂

Did you see the debate last night?

Yeah, not so fun or positive there either…..

Scrapbooking! Now that is a great thing to chat about. Have you checked out any of the Monthly Challenges at Oscraps? There have been some really amazing things going on. One of my favorite pages features my spooky Halloween Kitty.

Kit: Zen & the Art of: All Hallows Eve by Maya de Groot

I really like the artistic feel of this one too:

Template by EH Studios and Dumpty
Otono Oscraps Collab Kit

To make things even more fin over there, there is going to be a huge announcement tomorrow, and it rocks!

Any guesses on who these could be??? I’d love to hear them!