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A Bear Came Up to My Front Door

Sung to the tune of A Bear Went Over the Mountain”

A bear came up to my front porch,
A bear came up to my front door,
A bear came up to my front DOOR!
To see what he could eat.

Yes, true story. A bear came rambling up to my front door yesterday. I guess he smelled the bacon cooking. So here is the story:

The kids had a bunch of their friends sleep over Saturday night. I was not expecting a house full of kids Sunday morning, and anyone who knows me, knows that breakfast and mornings and me are just not a good mix. But since I had six hungry teens, I figured I’d better get cracking (those eggs) or I was going to have a mutiny. (Come to think of it, I should have let them mutiny- they could have cooked their own darn breakfast!)

Anyway– since the kids didn’t think to throw the overflowing garbage bag full of snacks outside the night before, as soon I  finished cracking the eggs into the pan, the egg shells became the tipping point in that overflowing bag. I am in my pajamas, I’m barefoot and it is cold and rainy outside. I tie up the garbage bag and carefully put it on top of the buckets of ice met, right outside the front door. I didn’t want to leave it right on the steps because what if my dogs got into it before I could tuck it away in our “Bear Safe” garbage can?

Approximately five minutes later, the phone rings. Since I am cooking a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs, I let Gary get it. He comes running down the stairs asking if I had left garbage outside. Well, yeah, like 5 minutes ago- I haven’t had a chance to get shoes and clothes on and put it in the Bear Can. The phone call was from my next door neighbor, alerting us that a large (very large) bear had just come up to the house, grabbed the garbage bag and was currently munching his way through it in the back yard. (Seriously- it was like five minutes! Was he watching me do this??)

So, like any digital scrapper would do, I grabbed my camera, opened up the bathroom window and try to get some shots off of the bear eating garbage. I could have tried to yell at him, or whistle, but that doesn’t do anything anyway. I might as well play at being a “nature photographer.”

Since I am messing around with ACDSee’s new version of Photo Manager 12, I am going to kill two birds with one stone and edit and  upload my photos using PM 12, and then I am going to blog about how easy it is. Sounds like a good plan, right? 🙂

In my previous post, I blogged about how it was incredibly intuitive and easy to View and Tag your “keeper” photos. I have tow shots that came out sort of decent. In my defense, it isn’t all that easy to take photos of a bear in the woods from your bathroom window. While trying to cook breakfast for 6 teenagers. Just saying.

First I start in Manage Mode. I open my folder with the photos, and click on “Tagged” in the Organize Pane. This brings up the two pictures I had chosen as the better of the group. Next I click on View.  Now I can see these two photos  full screen. I decide that they need some editing, so I click on Edit. All of my Editing Tools are now on the left side of my screen. The filmstrip of the photo’s thumbnails are at the bottom of my screen, so it is very easy and fast to flip between the photos and modes.

Photo 1 gets a quick crop and sharpen. Photo 2 is darker, so I use the Exposure and Lighting Edits to brighten it up as well as get a bit of contrast, so you can see the outline of the bear against the tree.

My last step it to Upload, so I can share these photos with you, my wonderful readers. This is very different from how you could upload to flickr or smugmug in PM 2009. I click on “Online” (1.)  which brings me to the Transfer Panel.

I select my 2 edited photos and choose what size I want them uploaded in the drop down menu as seen at the second arrow. Click on the blue arrow (3.) to upload your photos. Click on the AcdseeOnline Tab, then Manage. Right Click on the Folder, and select “Make Public” from the Drop Down Menu.

If you decide later to that you do not want to share any photos, go to Manage, Right Click and there will be an option to “Make Private.”

If you want to share your photos on Facebook, select your photos in your Share Basket,click on the Tools arrow and “Share.”

This will bring up a Dialogue Box where you can share your photos though email or upload to Facebook.  You will be prompted to log in and allow AcdseeOnline.com to publish your photos.  I added these two photos to an already existing album: Bears oh my!

If you share photos  online at AcdseeOnline.com, make sure to link me up- I would love to be able to see your work and leave some comments!