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New52: Week One

I scrapped a page for my first “new” thing this year. My best friend got me The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series for Christmas. We typically like the same books, but this one is very different that what I have been currently reading. I even told that if it didn’t come from her recommendation, I would have probably given up. But now that I am halfway into the book, I am hooked!

Journaling reads:

New 52: week One: This week I began reading “The
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” It is a best seller so
that shouldn’t seem to outrageous and new. However.
What made it new and different to me is the style
of writing the author uses. He is very detailed
and descriptive. The  first half of the book almost
seems to plod along in the details. Recently, most
of the books I have been reading are very fast-paced
high action, and not a lot of brain power needed to
be able to enjoy the book thoroughly.
I have been reading the Stephanie Plum series, the
Sookie Stackhouse series and the Hunger Games
trilogy. All of those could be read in a couple of
afternoons. “Dragon Tattoo” is the opposite of those
books, but because I want to try something new,
I am sticking with it.


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Day 2- of the blogging

I think that that I am pulling myself back together again- and I feel pretty good today. I like being able to sleep in a bit (ok, 7 am isn’t *really* sleeping in, but it sure beats 5:30!) and not having to rush around in the morning.
I am going to capitalize on the decent mood and really get positive today!

My Grats:
1. The sun is shining, the fresh air is in my house.
2. SMILE!!!!
3. That I still have the ability to pull myself together- it shows me I am not lost yet! YAY!

I have read The Secret and I listen to some podcasts on the Law of Attraction. I haven’t attracted any wealth, that is for sure (at least not so far *wink*) but I do see a huge difference when I try to keep positive thoughts and emotions, rather than the negative. It is like the black cloud gets a few breaks in it and I can see some sun!