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31 Days: Day Two

Yeah, baby I am on a roll. Day two is to Find your camera manual and I know exactly where it is. Oh, ha ha. So I need to read it as well. But I have done that already! (Can you hear me whining? LOL)  But honestly, I have read it, several times.  I guess one more time isn’t going to hurt.


Guess what? I learned some new stuff today. I might have read it before, but it sure didn’t stick in my brain, so its new to me. One thing that I sort of knew about but didn’t really understand is the A-DEP (Automatic Depth of Field) setting in the “Creative Zone.” I think  that is going to be a neat feature to fool around with especially when I shoot portraits. The other thing that is going to be helpful is the exposure bracketing.  I have my camera set up on Continuous Shooting Mode, and no I understand how to go through the menu to have it shoot decreased-normal-increased exposure.

I have to be completely honest and say that I didn’t read 100% of the manual. The sections of printing images and viewing images on a TV are features that I won’t use often. I’d rather focus on getting the info I do need and will use in my head. The other stuff can come later.