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New Habit (s) Days 7 and 1

I am rocking along- Seven days in a row., And I am doing good- got up to 25 sit-ups. Hey! I told you not to laugh! It’s ok- this time Ravyn wasn’t licking me, I swear she was laughing at me! But I am going slow and steady like the turtle. turtleAnd I think I am getting some good form in, really concentrating on contracting the muscles, and the breathing (not so good when the dog is either licking me or laughing nearby).

And even though I might never win a sit-up competition (might not- who am I kidding—Never!)—I am really proud of myself that I am not trying to push myself. Because in additional to the loveliness that is Lyme, I also am a “recovering anorexic.” Such fun! LOL I am pretty much symptom free of that, but the mental part of E.D. never really goes away. And if I wanted to, I could make myself crazy over this. But I am not- and that it a huge thing for me.

I am also adding in a another habit- yesterday was my first day for that. I am getting back onthe Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Detox again. I really should be doing this every day to help detox from the Lyme toxins as well as clean the old liver out that has just a bit of stress put on it by the amounts of meds I take.

So, yeah- I think I can do this-, yeah, I bet I can.