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Less than a week to go until Midterms.

November 2, is it going to be a Democratic Apocalypse, a Tea Party hangover, or the “Elephants” being as stubborn as “mules?” The ugliness of political campaigns  gets worse and worse every election season. With each “season” now being at least a full year, is it any wonder why people are burnt out by now?

Personally, it doesn’t bother me how anyone votes. It’s a choice that everyone needs to make in their own their mind and heart. Sadly, so much of the information out there is based on misdirection, misinformation and lies. This isn’t a left/right phenomenon it is pervasive in all areas. I have given up watching any political ads on TV, because most of them are flat-out false.

Every time there is an election, I keep up on the policies and statements through two very helpful websites, Politifact and FactCheck. In fact, Snopes does a really good job too. Anybody who knows me probably knows my political leanings. But whatever you believe is just as valid to me as long as it is based on truth. So please be careful when you vote. Check out your candidate’s statements and voting records if s/he has one. Don’t believe everything you hear or read, no matter who is saying it.

Voting is the most important civic duties we have as American citizens. Please treat it with the care and consideration it deserves.