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Blending Papers in Photo Editor

One of my favorite “Fantasy” style digital scrap designers is Mystique Designs from Oscraps. Her papers are simply fabulous. They look gorgeous just on their own, but when you layer and blend them, you can make them make them even dreamier.

I am going to make a fantasy faery page using the photo that extracted in a previous blog post and some of Mystique’s kits. First I drag my photo and a few of the papers from the kit Anyone Else But You into the image basket. Then I take one of the papers and open that up. I drag my photo onto that page, but the paper is too “green” for the photo which has a pink cast to it. The second paper I choose has a pinker/cooler tone to it. I drag that on top of the first paper, and now I get to play with the  Transfer (blending) Modes. I start with the first Transfer Mode and work my way down until I can visually see which one looks the best blended with my photo. For this layout, the Burn Mode, at 90% opacity works perfectly. It gives the background paper a mysterious feel but is not overpowering. The two papers blend nicely.

However, against the soft feel of the papers, the harder edges from the extracted photo don’t work as well. I am going to select the photo and feather the edges a tiny bit. This involves using the Image Masks. In the Object Palette, click on the far right box that says “Edit Mask (Image Invisible)” This changes the image to a black and white object. Use the Magic Wand Tool to select the white potion of the image.  Go to Image| Selection| Feather.  I used a Feathering of 15 pixels. Now click Delete and the photo now has a softer edge.

Now all I have left to do is add some elements from Anyone Else But You and Forever and drop shadows, and a title. I love this page!