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A new Habit!

I am working on a new habit- from here:


My new habit is going to be doing sit ups- every night. And blog about it here.

Sounds like fun? Well, maybe not fun, but I want a toned tummy for vacation!


Awesome Birthday Dinner- Yum and Fun!


40 is now the new 30! Cheers!


Birthday Hugs from Mark


Old friends!

Jenn took me to dinner at The Copper Bottom, this awesome restaurant in Florida NY. Jenn used to work with Trixter – just a few years ago smile_wink– you know, in the early 90’s. Trixter‘s drummer, Mark Scott now owns this fab restaurant so we decided to go and get some star treatment of our own for my birthday.

What a blast! Not only did we get awesome treatment by everyone in the place, the food was to die for! And I had the best company. (And nice adult company too—I love my kids but is sure as hell was nice not having to hear them bicker. Not that Jenn and I have never bickered- we sure have, but we don’t do that all that much any more heh!)

So from the company, the drinks- champagne!- the food and the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere- it was a totally fun birthday dinner.

Party time!

I promised to post some of the pictures we took from Jenn’s birthday part.

Gary and I had such a blast! It was at Dexter’s in Riverdale, and the club put on a great party for her. Jenn booked the party there because the The Flying Mueller Brothers were playing. I had heard of them, but never seen them before. Talk about a damn fun band! Surfer dudes, playing island music with lots of audience participation.

Jenn's 40th Birthday Party 002Let’s get the party started!

Jenn's 40th Birthday Party 005 Just like old times….

Jenn and I on stage dancing together.

Jenn's 40th Birthday Party 068 Gary onstage on the drums. He was in heaven LOL!

Happy birthday Jenn!
Love you!!!!

Meme on Monday

Fave Five:

Fave Fives: What are your 5 Favorite Fruits?
1. Watermelon
2. Cantaloupe
3. Honeydew
4. Fresh Pineapple
5. Red Grapes

Two Things…

Two Names You Go By:
1. Chris
2. Chrissi

Two Parts of Your Heritage:
1. Italian
2. Italian

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Sneakers
2. Jeans

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
1. Trust
2. Peace

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1. Digi-scrapping
2. Reading

Two Things You Want Really Badly At The Moment:
1. Time!!
2. Money!! (in any order!)

Two pets you had/have:
1. Harley and Ravyn (dogs)
2. Scarlett, Floyd, Merlin (Cats)

Two people you talked to today:
1. Gary
2. Myself (hey, its early!)

Two things you did last night:
1. Fold Laundry
2. Read

Two people that live in your house:
1. Scott
2. Cait

Two things you ate today:
1. Coffee
2. Coffee

Two people you miss:
1. Joselle
2. Linda

Two Things You’re doing tomorrow:
1. Food shopping
2. House work (boooo!)

Two vacations you’ve been on:
1. Disney
2. Sandals

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Halloween

Two favorite Alcoholic beverages:
1. wine
2. Beer

Two bands you have seen live:
1. Bon Jovi!!!
2. Pink Floyd

Two things you will do after you finish this survey:
1. Get the kids up
2. Brush my hair

games and Toys

Describe a childhood game you used to play. Who did you play with? Any special (ie. made-up) rules?

I honestly can’t think of a particular game we would play, other than Barbie’s or dolls. So what I am going to blog about today is my rant on today’s toys and games for kids. I dislike most of the toys on the market, I hate the commercialization of *everything* and I hate the lack of imagination most toys need these days. You should see me walk throught Toys R Us. I mutter madly to myself about all of the recylced garbage that fills the shelves.

Most toys later are overpriced pieces of junk that took no imagination to create, and no imagination to use. For example, a few years ago, when the Hulk movie came out, green hulk hands were all over the commercials and on the store shelves. All you could really do with these is put them on, and hear them make noise when you hit something with them. Great idea! Sounds like loads of appropriate fun! *saracsm*

Then the next year’s movie was Fantastic Four. New toy on the market– come look!! It is a set of hands that make noise when you hit something. But instead of green hulk-y looking ones, they are orange and red, like the Fire/Flame/Whatever guy from the movie. So this company literally recylcles the idea, changes just the color of the hands, and all of the kids who already lost interest in the Hulk hands they have, now want to have the Fire-Guy hands.

I think that these hands were priced at around $25, and I will bet any amount of money that the majority of kids lost interest in them within a week.

So there is my rant. I could go on about how so many kids are lacking in imagination because not the toys do all the work- all you have to do is press a button and the toy tells you what it wants to do or how you need to respond.

What ever happened to the games and toys where you had to think about how to play, you had to use your own voice to make it sing or talk? Or even better, what ever happened to the big box that could be colored and made into a rocket, a pirate ship, a tent, and a cave all on the same day?