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Gratitudes in March-

I have some gratitudes to share with you.

1. coffee
2. pain patches for my back- and thinking to use an ace bandage wrapped around me to keep it in place
3. time to read- nice light reading, Grave Secret, by Charlaine Harris
4. the rain stopped, and the sun is shining, and hopefully my very wet basement will dry out
5. Daylight Saving Time- it is so nice to have it light later on

The other nice thing  is that the air is warming up, and the sun is shining. I am volunteering at Cait’s school this afternoon, or I would be outside picking up sticks and acorns. But if  the weather is like this tomorrow, I am gonna get outside and get muddy 🙂


Starting off March with Gratitude!

Today I am grateful for 5 things in my life. Those five things are

1. Coffee
2. The sun is shining- again!
3. My dear friend Sally’s, Miracle Baby Lillian, turns 8 today.
4. My kids’ love
5. Being able to work from home

Gratitudes in February???

It seems that the worse I feel, the less I do gratitudes, but it is when I need them the most. Why is that? And how the hell do I change it? My motivation has just about disappeared completely. Maybe if I focus on some good stuff happening, I’ll feel more motivated.

Let’s see…..

  • The downstairs of my house is relatively clean. I worked most of yesterday dusting, vacuuming, mopping. It isn’t perfect, but it needed to get done. And it gave me a sense of accomplishment.
  • Mmm, Scott’s English Muffin smells good, and I think I might have to make one for lunch today.
  • Tacos for dinner last night- made by my fabulous brother!
  • We didn’t get any snow yesterday- that is always good news!
  • One day closer to Spring……


As anyone who knows me can attest, I really hate this weather. Winter/cold/grey skies- all of these things bum me out. So I think it is even more important for me to focus on the good. Otherwise, I might watch a commercial for Jamaica or the Bahamas and decide to run away somewhere warm.

So for this week I am grateful for:

  1. The Fulfilled Soul and Ashalee Wall. What a phenomenal job Ashalee is doing with this group. Its taking me a while to get into the swing of it- or rather to stay consistent, but I am trying. She is completely supportive and is just so positive and helpful too.
  2. Heat packs! My back and hip are  in a lot of pain, and it is so nice to be able to microwave my heat pack. Ahhh!
  3. Gary was able to enroll into a Medicare Rx Plan without too much difficulty. It took us several days to figure it all out. I really don’t understand how seniors can make sense of it all!
  4. Scott had a great day with the tutor. She works so well with him. She even brings him penguin stuff, which is definitely a motivator for him.
  5. My crazy O-Fam. Heleh H started the insanity by showing off her tanned Aussie toes whole at the beach. All of us in the Northern hemisphere retaliated by taking pictures of out feet in fuzzy socks! Ok, it isn’t much of a retaliation-Helen wins hands (toes??) down.


It has been a while for gratitudes. I have been feeling really sick the last couple of days. When I focus on some good things- even if they are really small- it helps to make me feel better. It might only be a temporary lift, but I’ll take what I can get.

  1. Every day brings me one step closer to spring!
  2. Warm fuzzy socks,  my hobo couture,  and my super soft blanket
  3. Hugs from my family
  4. Being able to take a nap and not have to worry abou getting fired. I love being able to work from home.

What 5 things am I grateful for today?

Today is a special day for me to start my gratitude blogging. It is my baby girl’s 11th birthday! In honor of that I am going to make all 5 of my gratitudes relate to her.

I am grateful:

  1. that on this day 11 years ago I was given the best gift a mom could wish for, a healthy baby girl.
  2. that even though we might have our up and downs (and all a rounds some days!!), we are still very close and have a strong relationship.
  3. that she considers me to be a good friend, and I feel the same.
  4. that she knows how to make me smile, to laugh, to cry, to scream! She makes me feel- good or bad, it is a good thing.
  5. for her wit, her attitude and her strength. I see the woman inside that she will become some day and I know how proud I am going to be – as well as how proud of her I already am.

I love you sweetheart!!

Gratitude bloggin’ 2009!

My friend Sally, who has the blog Sally’s Pondering’s, is running another Gratitude Challenge. Sally is an inspiration to me. She has the best attitude and just oozes enthusiasm and love. Sally lives in Texas, and I was so fortunate to meet her, her wonderful husband and their oldest daughter Cora last year.

I hope that things work out for my family (and hers) and we’ll be able to meet up again next year at our gorgeous friend Cyn’s place in Cozumel.

Anyway, enough about Sally- I wouldn’t want her to get all stuck up or anything (I can so hear her laughing at that one!!). But gratitude is an amazing way to live. I find when I can focus on things that make me grateful, I can start my day in a better frame of mind.  Sometimes, the things I am grateful for seem small and somewhat silly (however, do not ever make the assumption that coffee is small or silly to me!).  Others will be much more personal and thoughtful. Both types, and everything in between, are important.

I am looking forward to starting this 40 day journey with Sally and many of my friends at Oscraps. I hope that you enjoy reading these, and maybe you’ll even like to take this journey with us!