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Songbird Avenue Helps Haiti

Songbird Avenue is an amazing website. Their purpose each month is to create and sell a digital scrap kitĀ  and donate the proceeds to charity. This past month, these incredibly generous and talented designers have put together a kit called Port au Prince. They have raised thousands of dollars to go directly to help Doctors without Borders.

Being that I am on a very limited budget myself, I have not been ableĀ  purchase any of their previous kits. But I had a couple of dollars in my Paypal account, and wanted to contribute to the desperately needed funds to help Haiti. For $8, this kit surpasses any expectation of content and quality. Until I actually unzipped the kit and started to tag it, I couldn’t believe how HUGE this kit was. And gorgeous!! Bright sunny colors, cool blues like the sea….. it captures the essence of Haiti.

There are only a few days left to grab this kit. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, run there now, before it is removed from the shop on February 28.

Here’s a preview of just the papers in the kit– and let me tell you, it does not do the actual kit any justice!