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It’s Unbelieveable!

Seriously messed up shit, let me tell you. If you don’t want to read about my rantings over health care/insurance, feel free to stop right here. Because if the Health Care Bill didn’t pass last night, you wouldn’t have the option- you’d be hearing me yell all throughout the US, perhaps even around the world.

I am losing my health insurance as of May 1st. While I am trying to figure out how/where/how much it will cost to get an individual plan, I am trying to make sure that I get to see any of my doctors before I am uninsured. My physical is all set, blood work will be able to get done, last time to the endocrinologist- all before May 1st.

But the one appointment I can’t make is for my repeat mammography. I had a biopsy done in November (thankfully everything was benign!) and need to have a recheck done in May. Trying to be proactive,  I call to make the appointment, seeing if I can get squeezed in (no pun intended) before the end of April.  I am told that the hospital doesn’t take my insurance. Ok, I am thinking it might be just the Breast Center. But to be sure, I look online and no part of the hospital accepts this insurance plan.

Seriously? I live about 35 minutes from this hospital, the closest one to my home. And I can’t go there, or *my kids* can’t go there in an emergency because my HMO says I can’t?? You have got to be kidding! But its true- if my kid falls and is unconscious- I am going to have to remember to notify the paramedics to take him or her to a farther hospital or I won’t be able to pay for it.

This is incredible. Horrifying. And truly unacceptable. I realize that the new health care is not perfect. And I understand that it will take the course of several years to implement some of the changes. But at least I feel like this is step in  he right direction. It sure as hell can’t get much worse.