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31 Days to a Better Photo: Day 4

I did this one well over a week ago, really, I did! I swear! I am not slacking off even if  it seems that way. It’s just that fighting with my computer and with scrapping supplies and losing ACDSee tags on six years of stuff…. well, it just hasn’t been a good time for me to sit and take any photos. But enough of my blabbering, let me get to the point of this lesson.

It is Controlling the Faucet – Learning ISO. I remember ISO back in the day  when I used to take photos using film. You know that brown stuff that came in a plastic canister. I actually remember the film stuff when it looked like this:

I don’t go back as far as chiseling images into rock. Or using small dinosaurs like the Flintstones:

Some days I feel that old, but my birth certificate swears that I am not.

Again, I digress so let me get back to ISO. I remember ISO from the old days that I would need to use a huger ISO number to get better photos especially for indoor photos. I found this lesson easy in the concept that the higher the ISO, the better ability you get for the exposure right.  What I didn’t really think all the way through until this lesson was how increasing the ISO can lead to decreased shutter speed.  I took a bunch of photos of a plant  in my office,  setting my shutter speed from 100, 200, 400 and then 800. Each time I decreased my shutter speed in half.

And yes, I watched the numbers setting up in the  display before I took the shot. After I downloaded the photos to my computer, I compared each of them, and found that they were all the same. It worked! Double ISO = Decrease Shutter Speed in half. Sometimes I really hate when Math works out like that. It’s so much harder to ignore the need for numbers 🙂

Next lesson up….Aperture *groans*