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Do you ever wonder why….

…. when you need to do your Gratitude blogging  the most, that is when it becomes the hardest to do it?

My last post was almost a full month ago. And boy- a lot has happened in that month. Unfortunately, a lot of it was not all that good. BUT! Some of it was and I need to be able to focus on that. So here I am, trying my best to blog about all of the good that I can find. I don’t care if I need to use a microscope or binoculars, I am going to look for the good.

Some of the stuff that has happened in this past month was that Gary and I both went through horrible, horrid excruciating withdrawals. Opana is an evil medicine!!!  There were times that I thought I was never going to make it through with my sanity intact. I never felt so sick, even with the worst of my herxes. The more we read about this medicine, the scarier it was- its abuse potential is either equal to or over heroin! It has been a month and Gary is still experiencing some symptoms, and I have very, very little left. But, yes, it took a month- and we were using  “as prescribed,”  in no way was this recreational.

So the silver lining to this:

  1. The worst of it is over, we are starting to feel physically and mentally more stable. We know we won’t use that medication ever again.
  2. I don’t think my kids are going to use drugs casually. After seeing what we went through, I think it freaked them out quite a bit. We discussed how this can happen with some drugs with the first use.

Another thing that happened is that I was supposed to get a PICC Line in for IV Rocephin. I was rejected, approved and then rejected again by my insurance company, who decided- over my drs recommendations- that it was  not medically necessary. *eye roll* I just loooove how insurance companies can do that.

My silver lining:

  1. We have a new insurance company as of last week. So far they seem very helpful and know what they are talking about. We go back to out llmd today, so I am going to find out my next step in possibly getting this PICC done.

Another issue was this economy hurting my PT jobs. I helped my MIL with her quilting business, but since she isn’t doing as much as she had previously, she doesn’t need me as much. That hurts us both!  Then my other PT job, working from home for ACDsee, also got cut by half. OUCH! being that I am the “breadwinner” (buhahahahahahah!!!!!!) I had freaked out!

Silver lining:

  1. This is giving me good incentive to get my butt in gear and get promoting my Faery-Wings Business. I started a Facebook Page, a PlumDrop Page, and I am working on an eCrater.com store. A friend also ordered a basket from me, and I realized how much I enjoy- truly enjoy- making these. Here’s what it came out like:

I love it and I hope that my friend and her SIL do too!

So that has been my life in a nutshell – except add in a few more issues with Scott and his school— but it has not been an easy month. Here is to hoping that April is much better!

This is a quote I have taped my computer, so I can it every day:

Everyday that we wake up is a good day. Every breath we take is filled with hope for a better day. Every word we speak is a chance to change what is bad into something good. ~ Walter Mosley

I love it!

I hope you do too.