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31 Days to a better Photo: Day 3

This lesson I had to split up into 2 days. I read over the lesson, figured out what i needed to do. Then I re-read the lesson today and actually shot some photos while I had the time. I have done this ‘lesson” before with other online photography classes, but I have to say that this is the first time I feel like I really got it. I can actually see the difference in the light values in each photo.

Take a look at my sweet subject:

Its hard for me to get other subjects but this boy was sittin’ pretty looking out the window at the squirrels. But you can see how much darker the first photo is compared the fourth. There is a lot more variation in his fur in that last one.

I also  noticed that i was getting the hang of shooting in Tv better because I was also paying attention to my f-stop. If that number was flashing, I knew that my shutter speed was all wrong. So I changed that up angles the lens a bit more towards the window and was able to get a decent shot. Maybe you can teach an old dog (cat?) new tricks.