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Update 3 on my Sketchers

I am starting to feel some toning going on here. 😉 Just walking around the house, I didn’t feel any of my muscles working harder. Even up and down stairs and all around, it didn’t seem to make a difference in how my legs felt. But now that the weather is getting nicer, I have been trying to walk to the bus stop as much as possible. When my friend Debbie and I walk “extra” we hit over a mile. Yesterday, when I was walking up that deceptively  easy looking hill, I felt it- I could feel my poor legs working way harder than they are used too!

So who knows?  If I keep on walking to the bus stop every day wearing my Shape Ups,  maybe,  just maybe, I’ll have a tighter butt and legs.


Update on the Sketcher Shape-Ups

I guess it has been a few weeks since I have been wearing my Sketcher Shape-Ups. I figured I would post a quick update. I don’t see any toning going on, but my back has been feeling a lot better. I would noramlly wake up with lower back pain and it would get worse as the day would go on. Now I am waking up with pain, but it actually goes away during the day.

My legs are still tired at the end of the day, but its probably not as bad as they would be otherwise.

I’ll give these 2 thumbs up with the conditions of improving posture/back pain. Maybe 1 thumb up for the toning/weight loss. (Hey, a girl has to have some hope, right? 🙂 )