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Done with Snow!

I am so done with snow. This is just too much!  I posted some photos on my P365 Blog of the huge amount we got. There have been more days off from school this month, I think. Poor Scott- he just got back to school after being on home instruction for 3 months, from Lyme complications. He was back three days and now off because of the snow.

Tomorrow is March 1, Daylight Saving Time begins on the 14th, and Spring is on the 20th. There is hope! Spring will get here, I just hope it gets here quickly!


Snow- finally…..

Ugh, I think….

I hate snow, so why am I so happy about it snowing today? Probably because it gives me an excuse to be lazy. That’s what snow days are for, right? I have been in the midst of lazy and unmotivated moods recently, and I have that “work ethic” that I should always be busy. So I have been fighting with myself- should I go with the mood and get some rest? Or do I try to do what I feel like I am “supposed to be” doing and get aggravated with myself because I can’t get into it?

So I am sitting here, getting caught up on some P365 work, and watching the snow fall. The meteorologists are predicting 8-12″ so we’ll have to see how much we get.